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Your building.  You want to make a statement, infuse art, grab your audience.  Murals...Site-specific artwork...Just think, you won't have to settle for plain white walls ever again!

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Metro-Art Murals Is A Full-Service Mural Design and Fabrication Company Located in Richmond, California.

We Specialize In Site-Specific Murals & Large-Scale Permanent Artworks For The Built Environment. 

Examples of Materials Used:

            • Canvas
            • Mosaic Tile
            • Tile 
            • Stained Glass
            • Fresco
            • Terrazzo 
            • Marble/Stone
            • Concrete Stamping/Staining
            • Large-Format Digital Prints
            • Silk Screen/Airbrush
            • Sheet Metal
            • Neon/Audio-Visual
            • Mixed Media
            • Reclaimed Materials

Examples of Styles:

      • Historical
      • WPA-Style
      • Art Deco
      • Contempory Realism
      • POP Art
      • Archeological (ex.Egyptian/Greco/Roman and many others)
      • Byzantine
      • Renaissance
      • Community-Based
      • Trompe L'oeil
      • Industrial/Avant-Garde

Our Clients Include:  Architects, Builders, Public Art Agencies, Restaurants, Businesses, Real Estate Developers, and Interior Designers.

E-mail Project Specs for a Quick Bid Response. 
We can work with just about any budget size and deadline.  

Metro-Art Murals only uses licensed local contractors for all installation work.
We also prefer green materials for our projects.

Studio:  510-734-9731


Did You Know?              

-A painting by Pablo Picasso was cut into square inch pieces and sold by two entrepreneurs  through Australian magazine advertisements as "original" Picasso works of art.

-In spite of his crippling arthritis, impressionist painter Renoir would strap a paint brush to his arm to continue painting.

-Vincent Van Gogh only sold one painting in his lifetime.

-Frederic Auguste Bartholdi used his mother's face as his source of inspiration for the "Statue of Liberty

-In addition to painting seven portraits of George Washington, Charles Willson Peale also made his set of dentures.

-Andy Warhol was once a fashion illustrator for Seventeen and Glamour Magazine.