What Is a Mural?

            A mural is, very simply, a large painting on a wall.  Designs and styles can range from simple to complex, depending on the artist and the project.
         Of the highest quality are fresco and mosaic murals.  Metro-Art Murals specializes in the creation of both.  These are techniques that have endured the test of time, from the Minoans in Crete to Michaelangelo to Diego Rivera.
            Most murals are painted with a semi-gloss oil or acrylic paint on a plastered wall.  This is a semi-permanent process.   Murals can also be painted on canvas and be afixed like wallpaper.  For exterior murals, a coat of anti-graffiti varnish may be added.  At Metro-Art Murals,  we offer a variety of techniques and methods.  Just ask us and we'll show you many possibilities.  Examples included would be canvas, mosaic tile, tile, fresco, mixed media, digital print, sheet metal, and many others.

Why Commission a Mural?

           People are naturally attracted to fine art and a well done mural may bring unexpected business to you.  Many clients have noticed an increase in foot traffic after having had a mural painted.
            Also, a skillfully executed mural can help establish your place of business as a landmark in your community.  People will come to know your business not only by your excellent product and service but also by your mural.  Your mural will give you a unique identity no one else will have.  Each mural is one of a kind and created uniquely for your environment.

Why Choose Metro-Art Murals?

            High quality, experience and because most of our murals are fabricated in-house, you can see what you are getting before installation.  No tying up your place of business for weeks at a time since most of our murals can be installed within a couple of days.

What is the Process in Commissioning a Mural?

         As our client, we will sit down with you and decide what type of wall system would best suit your needs.  Once a design is selected we will then execute a rendering, making changes with you until you are happy with the design. 
          Next, we begin the fabrication process.  We create what is called a "cartoon" and this gives us a map of how the mural will look in it's final stages.  Once the mural is complete, we then have it delivered and installed on your site.

How Do You Take Care of a Mural?

            It depends on the type of materials used.  We give each client an instruction sheet on how to take care of their mural.  Metro-Art Murals also offers a yearly maintenance program for a nominal fee.

What Does a Commissioned Mural Cost?

            We charge by the square footage and type of materials used. Minimum square footage for a mural commission is 50 square feet.  Depending on the complexity, prices range from $5 to $75 per square foot for paint on canvas.  Fresco and mosaic murals are substantially more, ranging from $25.00 to $250.00 per square foot.

Is Financing Available?

            Yes, we can work with you to set up a payment schedule.

What is the Time Involved?

             It depends on the complexity of the design but we can complete approximately 150-300 square feet per week.

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