• Direct Wall Murals
  • Canvas  Murals
  • Mosaic Tile  Murals
  • Tile Murals & Design
  • Stained Glass Murals
  • Fresco Murals
  • Terrazzo Murals & Design
  • Concrete Stamping/Staining
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  • Neon/Audio-Visual
  • Mixed Media

Direct Wall Murals

Metro-Art Murals can paint large-scale murals directly onto your interior or exterior walls.  We handle all equipment set-up including scaffolding, ladders and/or scissorlifts.  Pricing depends on size and scope of the project.  Pricing starts @ $5 per square foot.  Minimum size: 50 sq. ft.
Canvas Murals

Handpainted linen canvases give walls a unique, high class look yet are as easy to install as wallpaper.  We use water-based paints and sealers only.  All canvas murals are painted in-house then delivered and installed on-site.   Pricing starts @ $10 per square foot.  Minimum size: 50 sq. ft.

Mosaic Tile Murals

Mosaic murals are mounted onto fiberglass netting for ease of installation. Pricing starts for mosaic tile murals from $30 per square foot.  Min. size: 15 sq. ft.

Tile Murals

Tile murals are handcut and mounted onto wonderboard or net meshing for ease of installation.  Pricing starts at $15 per square foot.  Minimum size:  50 sq. ft. 

Stained Glass Murals

Beautiful stained glass murals are ideal for religious institutions as well as libraries and residential homes. 

Fresco Murals

Fresco murals are created using colored plaster and mounted according to project specifications.

Terrazzo Murals & Design

Designs are limitless using this ancient marble flooring technique.  Terrazzo flooring is ideal for large public spaces and lasts forever.

Concrete Stamping/Painting

Give your concrete a unique look with custom stamping and/or staining.  Request a wet look sealer for a slick modern design and easy maintenance.  Minimum project size starts at $500.

Large-Format Digital Murals

A variety of materials are available for these murals from canvas to peel & stick vinyl.  starts @ $15 per sq. ft.  Minimum size: 40 sq. ft.         

Silk Screen/Airbrush Murals

Sheetmetal Murals/Sculpture


Mixed Media

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Sheet Metal

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