Catahoula Coffee

Back-40 BBQ

Chopan Kabob

Sound Advice

Moo Moo's

Stockton Metropolitan Airport

Casa Grande

The Golden Ox

"Our Land" Realty

Twin Arbors Health Club

Moo Moo's Burger Barn. 500 sq. ft.

This is the interior of a restaurant called "Moo Moo's Burger Barn" that is located on School St. in downtown Lodi.  The actual mural encompasses the entire restaurant and is over 500 sq. ft.  Anggelyka V. Apostle designed the original artwork based on the owner's rough sketches and painted the mural directly onto the walls. 

The next two images are murals painted at the Stockton Metropolitan Airport in Stockton, CA.  The mural directly to the left is entitled "1st Flight Over San Joaquin".  Anggelyka V. Apostle wrote up a proposal for the public art project and was initially awarded the opportunity to paint up to 5 murals in the airport.  Unfortunately due to lack of community interest, only 2 of the 5 murals have been created.  A.V. Apostle hopes that at some point in the future Metro-Art Murals can jumpstart the project again and get the funding needed to finish the other 3 murals.  Click onto the Stockton Metropolitan Airport to see the renderings for all 5 murals.  "1st Flight Over San Joaquin" is 10 ft. x 15 ft.  The second mural "In Remembrance" is 7 ft. x 25 ft.

"1st Flight Over San Joaquin". 150 sq. ft.
"In Remembrance" 150 sq. ft.
Casa Grande. 300 sq. ft.

The Casa Grande Restaurant mural on 11th St. in Tracy is 300 sq. ft. Measuring 15 ft. x 20 ft., the mural took 100 work hours.  Click on Casa Grande and see before and after pictures.




The Golden Ox Restaurant mural is located on Kettleman Lane, Hwy 12 in Lodi, California.  The owner, John Patronas, originally commissioned local artist, Terry Irvine, to paint just the train.  A few years later, Mr. Patronas commissioned Anggelyka V. Apostle to add himself and another friend riding their motorcycles.  A.V. Apostle then added the Lodi archway background and Mr. Patronas' daughter as the train's engineer, as well as a friend waiting at the train depot.  The Mural is 8 ft. x 50 ft. and took 130 work hours.  Click on top "Golden Ox" to see complete mural.




The Continuation of Stephen Hawking, is mural rendering that has yet to be funded.

The Golden Ox. 320 sq. ft.
The Continuation of Stephen Hawking, mural rendering
Our Land Realty, 60 sq. ft.

This is a 3-Panel canvas mural commissioned by Our Land Realty in Berkeley, CA.  Each panel is 4 ft. by 5 ft. for a grand total of 60 sq. ft. 

Twin Arbors Healthclub commissioned this room-sized mural for it's dropoff childcare center.  The mural measures 5 ft. x 30 ft. for a grand total of 150 sq. ft.

Twin Arbors Healthclub, 150 sq. ft.

Here is a partial list of clients:


  • Stockton Metropolitan Airport
  • BackForty BBQ (Pleasant Hill)
  • The Red Onion (El Sobrante)
  • California Thai Restaurant (El Sobrante)
  • Mercedes Restaurant (San Francisco)
  • The City of Pinole
  • Playland-Not-By-The-Beach (El Cerrito)
  • Simpson Strong-Tie Manufacturing (Stockton)
  • California Music Awards (Oakland)
  • University of the Pacific (Stockton)
  • Access Real Estate (El Cerrito)
  • Robert Davis Construction (Stockton)
  • Casa Grande Restaurant (Tracy)
  • The Golden Ox Restaurant (Lodi)
  • All-State Insurance (Lodi & Stockton)
  • Hidden Treasure Gift Shop (Stockton)
  • St. Basil's Preschool (Stockton)
  • Harbinger Gallery (Murphys)
  • Twin Arbors Athletic Club (Lodi)
  • Arroyo's Mexican Restaurant (Stockton)
  • Moo Moo's Burger Barn (Lodi)
  • KinderCare Learning Center (Stockton)
  • Tokay Pizzeria (Lodi)
  • A.E.O.N. Studio/Gallery (Lodi)
  • Celebration of Fine Art (San Francisco)
  • Podesto's Market (Stockton)
  • Grothman Builders (Stockton)
  • JM & Associates (Lodi)
  • Crowl Construction Co. (Berkeley)
  • California Reconstruction (San Jose)
  • Charlie's Floors (Stockton)
  • Bear Claw Bakery (Pinole, CA)
  • Ah Roma Cafe, (Oakland)
  • JSL Fine Art (San Francisco)
  • The Non-Salon Gallery (San Francisco)
  • The Amador Art Council
  • The Hellenic School of the Arts (Greece)
  • Sun, Sea, & Surf Shop (Israel)
  • The Village Hotel (Israel)
  • Our Land Realty (Berkeley)