Mural Renderings

The Continuation of Stephen Hawking




Metro-Art Murals uses an extensive library for mural subject research.  Design fees typically average 5-10% of mural project, depending on complexity.  Designs, Renderings, Marquettes, Cartoons, & Copyrights are all property of Metro-Art Murals. If project dissolves before fabrication, client will be held liable for design fees incurred.


Each project is created in-house to ensure quality control.  Pricing is based upon scope of the project and materials used.   


By manufacturing in-house site-specific murals & wall systems, we can deliver your mural on-site and be ready to install immediately by your contractor.  No project delays due to weather conditions and no tying up jobsite areas. 

Project Installation

It is highly recommended that you retain Metro-Art Murals for your installation process. Metro-Art Murals will supervise the installation of your mural and help with any questions that your contractor may have.  If you do not have a licensed contractor on-site, Metro-Art Murals can provide referrals.  Call or email for more information.

Metro-Art Murals will provide installation directions for your project should you choose not to utilize our installation services.    


Metro-Art Murals offers a cleaning/maintenance program for a nominal fee .  Call or e-mail for a quote.

Contact Information:
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